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Whether you’re an artist, a young designer, a creative brand, a venue or a sport club, let’s join our efforts to promote honesty and build community.

FindR Limited Edition

Artists, Designers, Creative Brands, Venues, Promoters, Festivals, Sport Clubs…

Spread your Artworks, logos and/or illustrations with a purpose. Let’s partner together for Limited Sticker series. Our design team is here to assist you in our production process. Either in limited editions (1/1000ex) or for larger quantities – there are no limits to creativity.

Human activity catalyzes environmental destruction. The call to correct our course applies to us all. Not only do our actions have environmental consequences, but industries and societies across the globe will also feel the effects of the climate crisis.

FindR Sunglasses

Engrave your products with FindR QR codes and protect your customers

Embed our QR codes into leather, textiles, PVC or metal materials – whatever your brand’s products are made of, whatever your manufacturing techniques are. You can use our technology and My FindR platform to help your customers have an extra layer of insurance, in case of loss of any of their/your products.

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FindR Pro

Protect your company’s work force and devices using FindR Pro stickers

Purchase with us black and white or colored FindR Pro A4 Sticker Sheets or 3D Domed stickers, of 20 units each. You can also ask us any custom designs as well and we’ll propose you a solution depending on your needs, no matter large or global your team is.