Lose less, replace less, consume less. We do not sell stickers or keyrings. We sell Hope. Hope for a better world, safer and greener.

FindR aims to solve the lost & found issue at a global scale: billions USD are lost each year in the world only for lost smartphones & devices; and much more for general items which are lost and never recovered. We are talking about a global mass consumption problem.

We aim to help people recover their items, their bags, wallets, passports, smartphones and devices of any kind, all their most valuable items, and therefore help (a bit) to contribute to a better world. Go green with FindR and let’s promote honesty together.

About us

How many items are lost every year?

How many documents, passports, driving licenses, smartphones, sunglasses, devices of any genres, etc. In the past decade, we thought that the internet of objects would have solve the lost & found issue using technology (beacons, wearables, nearables, etc.)…

But it’s not.

So we came with the simple idea to help people find their lost items with a simpler concept : using branding coupled with a market place where Lucky FindRs ⚡️meets OwnRs.

FindR aims to become a global lost & found network which promote honesty, helping people from all over the world to recover their most valuable items. It’s also a reminder of how kind people can be, if there’s an easy opportunity to help out.

Who are we?

We are a team of entrepreneurs from different origins within the design and tech industry who likes to create, design and develop projects with a purpose. FindR is a small and no office company. Our team works remotely using nowadays organization tools and no, or low code, technical infrastructures.

Our products are manufactured in different countries such as the USA, China, and Europe following an appropriate and careful sourcing process, which aims to deliver the best products, packagings, and the best service possible at the best value for helping people to recover their lost items.

What do we sell?

We do not sell stickers. We sell hope. Hope for a better world, safer and greener. FindR is a kind of a possible “insurance” for all of us to recover our most valuable items in a smart way, at a low cost, provided by human interconnexions.

Paradoxically we are using mostly vinyle (plastic material) and branding to fight against abusive consumerism. We use “the bad to beat the bad” of a society we are living in. A world where we should all try to lose less items and consume less. FindR aims to provide a solution in the lost & found area to preserve as much as possible our beautiful planet.

We know that recycling vinyl is difficult: PVC products cannot be recycled with any other recyclable plastics. They can however, be recycled into other PVC products. Used vinyl can be ground up into pellets that can then be melted down to create other vinyl products. However, we think that a small sticker may help a bit to change the world in the long run if used wisely.

On another hand our packagings and enveloppes are 100% biodegradable, made of paper and PLA ecological materials.

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How do we make money and share our revenues?

We ask our clients to pay a high price for our products because we need to build a strong brand, fast, and at a worldwide scale. Such marketing challenge has a costs which is worth it if we deliver and achieve, and if FindR becomes the recognized brand for recovering lost & found items at a global scale.

1% of our revenues are dedicated to climate change programs via our Stripe Payment Partner. We’ll split equaly all margins generated with Artists involved in FindR’s Limited Edition Series and made special win-win communication deals with all brands who desires to help us spread the FindR good word. A large part of our revenues is also added to the FindR’s lottery in oder to incentive Lucky FindRs ⚡️ : The lottery and its rewards is designed to motivate people to return back their discoveries as fast as possible using our Recovery Process.

Partner with FindR

The lost & found market is a huge market. ‘Till now, not one company in the world has achieved to solve this evident issue we are all concerned about for the general public. From young startups to big organizations, the lost & found issue is here waiting for a straight forward answer. Our turnovers and funds will be dedicated to technical R&D in different areas such as opening our platform to all brands willing to adhere to FindR’s concept, and recovery process (which may become for them an attractive and disruptive commercial argument).

Join the movement.

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You are a Brand, an Artist, a Venue? Check out our Partner program and help us build a better world.

— The FindR Team