Give a chance to your most valuable items to be found and sent back to you in case of loss


How it works for OwnRs

Tag your stuff

Stick or tag your most valuable belongings with FindR stickers or Keyrings: Keys, documents, electronic devices, etc… If you lose any item, a Lucky FindR may be able to get in touch with you using My FindR platform, you’ll get alerted by email and be able to recover it.

Register as OwnR

Link your QR code(s) to your FindR profile. This step is not mandatory for Stickers but registering your QR codes facilitates linking and certifies ownership. ⚠ For Keyrings the registration is mandatory as your activation code is engraved on it.

Register your QR code(s)

Our products are linked to unique QR codes and activation codes. Register at once several stickers by scanning your QR code with your smartphone, insert your activation code and confirm. You’re all set, any item marked with your stickers or keyrings are now safer.

Get safer

Feel more secure. In case of loss your items have now a better chance to get recovered via My FindR: someone may contact you directly or indirectly and our support team will do its best effort to facilitate your recovery as fast as possible.

Reward your FindR

Our Recovery Process is based on trust and incentive. OwnRs can freely do a gesture at their convenience to reward their Lucky FindR⚡️as FindR is giving away part of its revenues for Lucky FindR's lottery.

Rate and share your story

Once your item recovered please rate our service as your Lucky FindR⚡️ behavior and let us a comment about your experience. Your Lucky FindR⚡️ may be featured in FindR’s Wall of Fame and highly rewarded for its gesture thanks to our Lottery.

Are you a desperate OwnR?

Find your stuff now

How it works for Lucky FindRs ⚡️


Did you find any item marked with a FindR QR code? Congratulations! You are a Lucky FindR ⚡️ By declaring your discovery you’re helping someone else in the world to recover one of its most valuable items and you’ll get rewarded for your action.

Declare your discovery

Scan the QR code of the item you just found and see to whom it’s linked to. Then register yourself on My FindR platform and declare your discovery in an instant: Describe in a few word what did you found, where and when… and let the OwnR get in touch with you.

Get in touch

Item's OwnR will be instantaneously alerted and may get in touch with you rapidly. You will be able to meet together if close enough. If for any reasons you or the OwnR can’t or would not prefer to meet in person our support team can intervene and facilitate Item’s recovery. In this case please notify us using My FindR’s thread.

Rate and share your story

At Recovery Process termination please rate our service as OwnR’s behavior and let us a comment about your lost and found experience: We want to know how you experienced our Recovery Process in order to improve our service as much as possible.

Get rewarded and featured

As Lucky FindR ⚡️ you may now be featured in our Wall of Fame, you also may be rewarded for your gesture, get FindR gifts and even win a FindR Lottery Prize Money! FindR prize money is incremented in real time and function of FindR’s global turnover. Rewards are unlocked and disclosed bi-annually.

About FindR’s Lottery

FindR Rewards are going from $50 to $5,000. Generated bi-annually, drawn by FindR’s Lottery algorithm they are supervised by a sworn bailiff and sent via email as digital “voucher” coupon-codes compatible with most digital stores. Half of the amount is to be donated to a cause, to a NGO or Foundation at your discretion.

Are you a Lucky FindR ⚡️ ?

Get rewarded for your gesture